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The Rise of The Qveen

The rebrand to Qveen Herby is one of the best I've ever seen. Whether people know her from her Youtube cover artist days or her role in the duo Karmin I think we've all had a taste of what she can do.


The Qveen Herby Way

Amy Renee Nooan Heidemann is breaking ground in the music industry and she hasn’t yet dropped her first album as the Qveen! She is an American female rapper, singer and songwriter, who can flow like Buster Rhymes. She’s an advocate for self-care and positive music which motivates millions across the country. You will feel Beautiful just listening to her. She brings a brand new style, with lyrics on a Mission, but that’s not all. The Qveen has created a cruelty-free make up brand that we can’t get enough of. It has been 10 years in the making, now let’s talk about the rise of the Qveen.

Have you seen this superstar yet? I bet most of you have!

The rebrand to Qveen Herby is one of the most inspirational I’ve witnessed. Whether people know her from her Youtube cover artist days or her role in the duo Karmin, I think so much of the population has had an introduction to what she can do. Now that she has unveiled more of her talents, with her husband as her manager, this artist has truly come alive.

“I was like, wow, literally nobody is talking about self-care. Like it was not sexy to talk about taking care of yourself. But I’ve had a lot of people coming up to me lately, since I’ve had Qveen Herby and killed Karmin, and they’re like, ‘Sis, you look so healthy. You look so good, you seem really happy.’ And I’m like, ‘I am! I’ve been working out.”

Qveen Herby said in an interview.

She goes hard in the track Vitamins, to combat the negative stereotypes of self-care. She has a way of making it fun too, as self-care should be. This Qveen is a woman after the Up Your Look heart, preaching positivity in her lyrics. We can’t get enough of it. It gets even more interesting when you see where she came from.

Where Did She Come From?

Herby first started as a Youtube cover artist. The Nebraskan native went to Berklee College of Music where she studied songwriting. She first discovered her love of R&B by chance. Back in high school, she was watching The Ricki Lake Show where she saw the R&B group SWV (Sisters With Voices) perform.

“So raw and so real and honest.”

Herby describing SWV’s music.
Karmin with nick noonan and qveen herby
Nick Noonan_Amy Renee Heidemann, Karmin at the 13th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at Private Mandeville Canyon Estate on June 7, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

Afterward, Herby was a part of the duo Karmin along with her husband Nick Noonan. They got signed from their YouTube stardom and went platinum with their hit Brokenhearted. Ringing a bell yet? She was so busy in Karmin that she barely slept. She knew she wanted to focus on her rap career, however this didn’t fit with the pop-like brand that was created through her record deal. Being released from the record label, enabled her to move her career in the direction she wanted as an independent artist.

The Qveen was born!

Her husband still plays an integral part in the music, but his work is now behind the scenes. The birth of the name Qveen Herby came from combining “queen” which was a nickname she got in college, with “herby” the mascot for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. She is taking on the music industry by storm, and we are proud to support her!

Just like our founder Rani, she doesn’t just talk or rap about it. She’s making moves to bring real change to her fans and followers. She also runs a makeup brand, Qveen Studio, with business partner DJ Audrey Napoleon. When discussing the brand, Herby and Napoleon say that female empowerment and diversity are important aspects of the brand. All products are made cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

We stand with the Qveen and are proud to join in her Qveendom. We want self-care, clean make up, and sustainable fashion to become the norm. Let’s get the conversation started, and never stop. Self-care and self-love are here to stay! The Qveen is rising, as if she hasn’t already reached the top!

“It’s a full-time job baby, self-care, it’s true.”

The Qveen

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