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5 Tips For Stress-Free Online Clothes Shopping

Does online shopping make you stressed over the whole process? I also felt stressed, so that's why I created 5 tips that can help you feel confident next time you shop online.

There was a time I was terrified of online shopping. I have always been one of those people who loves to touch the materials and try on my clothes when shopping. I just could not get myself to an online shop. I had so many fears about it until one day I was shopping in a department store and could not find the size of the garment I wanted. I wrote down the item number and searched it in that little gogglebox I feared so much. Poof there it was! It was that moment I realized I had so much access online I never knew of or imagined. Here are 5 tips that have assured my online purchases are successful. Hopefully, these tips can help you gain confidence in your online shopping.

Tip 1: Familiarize with Brands

I would go to stores and try on multiple pieces of a certain brand to better understand their sizing structure and design. Then I’d go online and buy what would best fit my body type.

I love to window shop for designer products and trying clothes on for fun. This process allowed me to learn what my size is for each designer. Especially Italian designers who use a different sizing method like designer Ted Baker. This is important to keep in mind when you’re shopping from brands internationally. Now I can easily browse online and know my size without having to know my measurements.

Once you’re familiar with different brands and know what’s best fit for your body, head over to ModeSens, an A-class high-end online shopping experience. ModeSens is the number 1 go-to shopping assistant that will be the one to relieve your online shopping stress. Everything from Ralph Lauren to Chanel can be found on this site. 

Personally, I am a part of this community. My experience with them has been phenomenal. Last year I was looking for a Ralph Lauren shirt. ModeSens didn’t have it available, but I was able to set up the notification system and they even offered me products that were similar to what I was looking for. The picture to your right is the actual shirt I wanted and to this day, I’m still eagerly on alert. If you’re curious to see what my closet looks like, you can click on this link to see my personal favorites.

If you’re lost and need help finding your style, ModeSens have you covered with their influencer program. This is where influencers can create their own closet on the site for you to view. This way you can find inspiration on how you want to style. They even have an invite friend system where you can earn rewards for each friend you invite through your profile. Now that’s some easy savings. You will never have to stress about online shopping again when using ModeSens. They do the hard work for you, so you can feel great about shopping through them. All you have to do is buy what you like and feel great in the clothes you wear.

Photo Credits: Ralph Lauren

Tip 2: Say No to Fast Fashion

I watched The True Cost and saw how the landfills are piling up with clothes from the fast fashion. We are wearing these clothes once and throwing them away soon after. When I realized this I started opening my mind to online consignment shopping. This is a great way to find that perfect designer item you are looking for at a tenth of the price!

What I can promise is if you are shopping at the right consignment store you are guaranteed to get the garment you are expecting by the process they use to check each garment before it is shipped. If you’re curious as to how fast fashion is impacting our planet, you can learn more through this exclusive interview with Up Your Look.

Tip 3: Measuring

Take a minute and measure yourself! You want to make sure you are measuring yourself correctly so do a quick google search for fashion measurements. This should give you the perfect guide. Knowing your measurements are very helpful when shopping online. Many garments you find will list the measurements for you and if they don’t you can always reach out to the seller and ask.

If you’re not sure how to measure yourself, no need to worry. There are plenty of youtube videos out there that can help you out like BluePrintDIY’s video, “HOW TO MEASURE YOURSELF For Online Shopping and Sewing.”

Tip 4: Tailoring

Have a great tailor by your side. I have learned that I could find a $4,000  Burberry jacket online for a tenth of the price and pay less than $100 to get fitted perfectly to me. If I am not sure of the size I make it a rule to always purchase a size up so I can take the garment in. I bought this Burberry jacket two sizes up so it could be tailored to my body. That work definitely paid off, look how great the jacket looks.

Tip 5: Love What You Buy

Don’t be so quick to settle because of the price. When you see all these high-end designers at affordable prices it is easy to say this will do! Do be patient and what you are looking for will be sure to come along! Remember if you buy a garment you don’t love you are stuck wearing something you don’t love forever. It’s never a good purchase to buy something that doesn’t make you feel good. So love what you buy. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out this link to learn more.

I hope these 5 tips will help you take the fear you have out of online shopping. Do you have any other great tips you use when it comes to online shopping? I’d love to hear them! Comment below or give us a shout-out on social media.

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