Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Are You Using Sustainable Food Delivery Yet?

Produce delivery services are the way to reach sustainability in the food industry. Learn about three brands that are making a difference.

Looking to switch up how you get fresh fruits and vegetables all while not having to leave your home? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you. Let me introduce you to three fresh and sustainable food delivery services that work to help eliminate food waste as well as follow the sustainability mindset.

Misfit Market

Misfit Market started out as a four-person team in Philadelphia. They got their name by focusing on the “misfit” looking produce i.e. the funny-looking but still perfectly edible produce.

It’s a simple premise of picking out vegetables and fruits that would be thrown out because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing or can’t be sold due to imperfections, but are otherwise perfectly edible and delicious.

Due to popularity, they’ve expanded to other grocery items like cooking spray and pantry items. You can select the size of box you want, how frequently you want it, and what you get inside.

This food delivery service has its products are certified organic and non-GMO as no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used. They work directly with local farmers who use sustainable practices.

Eco-friendly packaging: recyclable and compostable, they use Climacell Insulated Liner that’s recyclable and a plant-based compostable bag to protect the more delicate items.

Whenever they open in a new state, they make sure their services reach every zip code in order to reach people with food insecurities so everybody can get the key nutrients their body needs.

“About a third of what’s grown in the U.S. never gets harvested because it doesn’t meet the superficial standards of a traditional grocery store.”

Misfit Market

Imperfect Foods

When you sign up for Imperfect foods, they help you create a grocery plan that’ll fit with your lifestyle.

At first, they’ll send you a box based on your preferences, then you’ll have the option to customize your box. They have a wide selection from plant-based products to proteins and everything in between.

On their website, they’ve laid out their plans to further their sustainability for the future. Their goal is to be a net-zero carbon company by 2030 and are working to have all their buildings be 100% renewable energy by 2026. They will still continue to deliver orders once a week to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Our Mission: Eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.”

Imperfect Foods

Good Eggs

Good Eggs has sustainable meat, dairy and eggs, and only work with local farmers that raise their cows on a pasture. They offer same-day delivery and you can edit your order even after it’s placed and it stays that way until the package’s scheduled shipment date.

Good Eggs only work with farmers that are transparent on their worker’s rights and won’t work with any farmer who has poor labor practices.

They also provide a list of banned substances for their produce, a list of farmers that they work with, and a list of each criterion for each of the sections they sell.

“Your food is fresher and your dollars stay local. We’re friends with all your farmer’s market favorites.”

Good Eggs

There are many benefits to these food delivery services. The biggest benefit to our planet is that this limits food waste. We have so much food that’s thrown out for no good reason while there are many people with food insecurities. These services support local farmers to help sell the food that they worked so hard to grow.

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