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Workout Apps: Which One Will Work For You?

Looking to change up your exercise routine but don't know where to start? This article is the one to read to help you pick out your next workout plan.

The sun’s shining, the temperature is getting warmer, and you know what that means. Summer is just around the corner! That means you may be thinking of trying some workout apps to get in shape so you can rock that new bathing suit at the beach. 

The thing is, there are so many workout apps that it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you. Luckily for you, I’ve saved you the trouble of doing the research and have laid out four different types of workout apps.


I’m sure we’ve all heard of Noom by now, it’s fairly new and focuses on long-term achievements instead of those, “lose weight in 2 days programs.” Noom goes by the psychological approach to help you lose weight.

Through this, you learn about your eating habits and why you make the choices you do. Once you learn why you’re making those unhealthy choices, you can be on your way to fixing them.  

According to their website, 78% of Noom users sustained weight loss over 9 months.

Now for my research happy people out there, the website has a “research” tab that takes you through the science of how they came up with this program. They also have a bunch of publications to read to better understand the science.

Beach Body

I’m no expert, but I’ve been following Beach Body at home exercises since I was in middle school. They have a wide range of different videos depending on your activity levels and what you personally enjoy doing. 

As a dancer, hip-hop abs has been my go-to. You can buy physical DVDs, or you can stream them through your TV. Hello, convenience.

This is a great workout option if you’re strapped on time since the exercises have different time ranges from 15 minutes to an hour-long workout. They even have modifiers for people with ailments that restrict them from fully performing the workouts. So if you have bad knees like me, you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself to exercise. 

Not sure where to start? Figure out what exactly you want to achieve through exercise. Is it just to shed some pounds, or is there a specific area you want to tone? Answering these questions will help you narrow down which exercises you should try.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for a long time, so they must be doing something right.

They have some new features for you to enjoy.

The first one is to help strengthen your mind by listening to coaching audios. There’s also a live chat option where you can peak directly with one of the coaches to answer any of the questions you have. You can also connect with others through their social network.

The second feature is designed to help you sleep better through bedtime reminders, sleep tracking, and more to help you destress.


FitOn is a new and free fitness app. This app covers everything from intense workouts to meditations, so you’re able to strengthen your body as well as your mind all in one app. Where are my yoga enthusiasts at? FitOn has you covered! You’ll nail that half moon pose in no time. 

This app has a variety of celebrity trainers: Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Cassey Ho, Jeanette Jenkins, and more. They also have exercises that work well for your mental health, according to their research that can be found on their website. They also have dance exercises! Excuse me while I go download the app right now!

On the website, they have articles that will help you on your journey such as sleep-care, hunger hormones, how to take a mental health day, and other self-care tips. 

They have a nice variety of time ranges which is great for people who are strapped on time and feel like they can’t squeeze a workout in. Their workouts range from 7 minutes-25 minutes. If you want a longer workout, you can combine 2 or 3 videos.

Halle Berry has even partnered with FitOn to give fans access to what her routine is.

In an interview she says,

“So partnering with FitOn just seemed like a perfect fit, because it’s free. Not everybody can afford a big membership.”

Halle Berry

Apple Fitness+

Have you ever wanted to workout from your watch? Well Apple has you covered with their Apple Fitness+.

Apple Watch

New workouts are added every week and they’ve added a Time to Walk feature to remind you to get up and move. They have other features that’ll help you monitor your health such as:

Heart rate feature: It’ll notify you of any irregular heart rhythms and can even record their ECG right through the watch.

Activity tracker: Does this by breaking it down into three rings.

Outer red ring tracks your calories burned each day, you can change your calorie setting to better fit your personal goals.

Green ring tracks your exercise and it’ll want you to reach 30 minutes of exercise a day, but you’re not limited to how you can achieve that goal.

Blue ring is to remind you to not sit for too long as it’s important to get up and move around.

Breathing app: will guide you through different breathing exercises and will remind you throughout the day to take time to breathe. This keeps you mindful of taking time for yourself. You can set how often and how long you’d like these sessions to be.

Galaxy Watch Active

This watch can track up to 39 different types of exercises. It also tracks your heart rate and sends an alert to you if it detects something off. This watch can also analyze your sleeping patterns and track stress levels.

Breathing guides and calorie counters are all available to use. The watch is water-resistant so you can take your watch out for a swim. Perfect timing for summer.

There are different types of fitness watches to pick from, so you can get the one that’ll be the best fit for you.

Whether it’s Noom, Beach Body, Weight Watchers, FitOn, Apple Watch, or Galaxy Watch Active there are plenty of different workout apps for your specific needs.

Do you have better workout apps that you follow? Share in the comment section so we can hear what you think is the best.

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