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How Your Makeup and Jewelry Will Leave You Glowing

Tired of the same old makeup routine? Then take a look at these cool tips to pair your makeup with your jewelry for that extra bit of glow.

You have the perfect face of makeup on and you’re getting ready to hang out with your friends. You’re now looking for the perfect jewelry to compliment your makeup, but you can’t seem to find anything! How annoying is that? Don’t fret too much, this article is exactly what you need. I’ll give you some tips on how to glow with your makeup and jewelry.

Complimentary Colors

If you have a necklace or earrings with a pop of color in them, be sure to find colors in your makeup that compliment the jewelry colors well. For example, if you have a necklace with blue or aqua, then match your eyeshadow to it. 

Or if you want to contrast your makeup, then experts say to use the color wheel for inspiration. Colors that work well together are on opposite sides of the wheel. So go have some fun and experiment with new looks.

Highlight and Shine

There is plenty of sparkly jewelry out there, and just because your jewelry shines, doesn’t mean your makeup can’t! So add some highlights to your makeup routine. It’ll pair well with your jewelry. That way you can shine throughout the day!

If you’re a highlighter beginner, don’t worry. You can learn and apply this to your daily routine. If you need help, click here to see how to find the best highlighter for your skin type. 

The Bold and the Brave

If you really want to test your makeup skills, then try doing a graphic liner. If your jewelry has a certain pattern on it, try to recreate it in your eyeliner. This may need some practice before you’re ready to head out the door, but once you nail it, all heads will be turning towards you. 

For the beginners out there, here are some great stencils you can buy to get started on your graphic liner. Or if following a tutorial works better for you, then click here to watch Dominique Allison’s YouTube video on how to do a graphic liner.

This is a sure-fire way to make a statement wherever you go and all of your friends are going to want to learn how you pulled it off so effortlessly.


The use of undertones is pretty important when it comes to pairing your makeup with your jewelry. There could be some hidden potential to pull your look together that you could be missing out on.

Pairing metal (silver, platinum, and white gold)  jewelry works well with color undertones and pastel colors for your makeup. On the other side, pairing gold, copper, and bronze for people who have warmer undertones work well with earthy tones such as caramel, mocha, and olive.

You can also take a look at Color Me Beautiful as they are your personal online guide to help you find which colors work the best for your skin. With their help, your makeup will be sure to match everything from your skin to your jewelry and clothes.

Share Your Look with Us

We want to see how you glow with your makeup and jewelry, so tag us on social media @uylmagazine and share your looks with us. It’ll be cool to see what type of cool looks you come up with. So show us how you Up Your Look with your makeup and jewelry.

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