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Billie Eilish and the Push for Sustainability

The fashion world is becoming more open to taking the sustainable route for the future. However, they need support from consumers and celebrities alike in order to make this change permanent. Take a look at how Billie Eilish is being a part of the change.

We are at a crucial moment in our world. More and more people are pushing for sustainability in the fashion industry. In order to really move forward and make a change, we need to get our celebrities on board to help us and the planet. One of those celebrities has always been vocal about environmental activism. She also recently announced a partnership with Nike for a sustainable shoe. Who is this celebrity? It’s Billie Eilish.


Billie Eilish is a successful singer-songwriter with 7 Grammy awards under her belt. She debuted with her hit song, “Ocean Eyes” in 2015. She and her brother, Finneas O’Connell have gone on to produce numerous hits that have gone on to break records and win awards. 

Not only is Billie Eilish a successful singer-songwriter, but she’s also using her platform to promote sustainability and to talk about climate change.

Putting Sustainability First

Billie Eilish is no stranger when it comes to being vocal about environmental activism and climate change. Whether it’s engaging with her fans through Instagram about climate change to using refillable water bottles during tours, Eilish knows how to engage and make the youth care about the environment. 

In order to make her tour more sustainable, she banned the use of straws, had her fans bring in their reusable water bottles to the concert, and had recycling bins throughout the venue to make it easier for people to properly recycle their garbage. 

Just recently, Eilish made headlines at the Met Gala for the pink gown she wore. Eilish said that she only agreed to wear the Oscar De La Renta gown if the company agreed to ban the use of real furs for their products. You can read more about it here.

Nike and Sustainability

To further her goals of being more sustainable and spreading that message to a larger audience, Eilish has been partnering with a big-name brand in the fashion industry in order to promote sustainable products. You can watch an interview with Billie Eilish and marine biologist, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson as they talk about climate change.

Both Eilish and Nike have announced their partnership in order to make a sustainable shoe. This shoe is 100% vegan, meaning no parts of an animal were used in the making of the shoe. It’s also made with over 20% recycled materials. The shoe will be available through her merchandise store on September 27th. Then it will be available in Nike’s store on September 30th. 

Nike’s Sustainability Page

Nike has been making strides towards a more sustainable brand. On their sustainability page, they say how they want to be a zero-carbon and zero-waste company. You can take a look at their impact report to see how well they’re doing on becoming a sustainable company. 

Looking Towards the Future

It’s great to see people with power and influence use it for good like Billie Eilish is doing with sustainability. We need more celebrities and influential people to also step up and be a part of the change.

 Our environment can’t wait any longer. Our planet needs every single one of us to be a part of a positive change. So be a part of the change, support Billie Eilish’s partnership, and spread the word on sustainability.

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