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Look Lean and Tall with These Clothes Tips

It's time to gain back some confidence in your clothes. Try these tips on looking lean and tall with your clothes, so you can put your best foot forward and gain some confidence.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and not being satisfied with what you see? Do you wish you looked taller or leaner in your clothes? If the answer is yes, then you have stumbled across the right article for you. Since there isn’t a magic potion to make you grow taller, I’ve found some tricks that you can use with your clothes in order to make you look lean and tall. Stay tuned.

Vertical Prints

Wearing vertical prints will be your new best friend if you’re looking to look leaner and taller. When we look at people’s outfits, we tend to go from top to bottom. Vertical prints help lead the eyes this way and give the appearance of looking taller and leaner. 

Horizontal prints lead the eye from side to side instead of top to bottom. This gives the appearance of looking shorter and wider. 

One-Piece Clothing

Whether it be dresses, rompers, or bodysuits, they can help you achieve a leaner and taller figure. This works by creating vertical lines that help draw a person’s eyes from top to bottom. Like we discussed earlier, vertical lines help make a person look leaner and taller. 

One-piece clothing also hides where your torso is. If nobody can see your torso, they can’t tell how tall or short you are! Take advantage of this trick and start adding more one-piece options to your wardrobe. 

Aside from one-piece clothing, any monochromatic pieces will also do the trick! These monochromatic clothes work with the same effects as one-pieces as it creates a continuous vertical line for your eyes to follow. It’ll work wonders!


High-rise pants have been my go-to since high school. Having a high-rise makes you look leaner by covering up the stomach area while still giving your body a good definition. 

Everything will be nicely tucked into place and keep you supported throughout the day. It’ll also make you look taller by accentuating the length of your legs since they reach higher on your waist.

Match the Color of Shoes and Pants

Matching the color of your shoes with your pants will give the appearance of longer-looking legs. Having non-matched color pants and shoes gives a clear distinction between your legs and feet. This will make you look shorter, and that’s what we’re avoiding here. 

So next time you’re going out, try matching your shoes with your pants and notice the difference in your appearance. You’ll look taller and feel more confident, and having that added confidence is everything. Platform shoes paired with a longer seam will also give you this same effect.

Crop Tops and Crop Jackets

These two pieces are going to be a staple in your wardrobe now. They do a wonderful job of making your legs look long and your torso petite. Pair them with high-rise pants and you’re good to go.

Wearing a regular jacket makes your legs look shorter and your torso appear longer. So next time you’re rocking a crop top, throw on a cropped jacket to pair with it. You’ll be looking lean and tall in seconds! Check out our, “Current Fall Trends You Can’t Miss Out On” to learn about a really cool and sustainable crop jacket.

Do You Have any Tricks or Secrets?

How do you style your wardrobe to make yourself look lean and tall? Do you use any of these tricks or do you do something else? Share with us on social media @uylmagazine so we can see what you do.

The most important thing is to give yourself that extra boost of confidence in how you look. However, you decide to up your look should be to make you feel good about how you look. There’s nothing prettier than a natural glow of confidence as you step out into the world.

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