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Skin Tone: Find Your Perfect Colors

Are you struggling to find the right colors to complement your skin tone? Read on to see how you can start finding the right colors and rocking your outfits!

A new season is upon us, and that means elevating your wardrobe to reflect the season. However, it can be difficult to find the right colors that complement your skin tone. I know whenever I shop, I just pick my favorite colors and call it a day. Then I started to wonder what colors I should be picking out to complement my skin tone.

 After some research, I decided to share this information with you so you can shop for your skin tone, not against it. Don’t we all want to shine in our clothes from the inside out? Then read on to see how you can!

Knowing Your Skin Tone

This one may seem like a no-brainer, because, obviously you need to know your skin tone. However, there is more to determining your skin tone than you may think. Take a look at your veins. Are your veins blue? That means you have cool undertones. Are your veins green in color? Then you have warmer undertones. If you can’t exactly tell what color your veins are then that means you have neutral undertones.

Cool Undertones

For those cool undertone people like me, you’ll want to go for the cool colors for your wardrobe. Some of those colors are lavender, bright blue, pink, and emerald. Anything with blueish and pinkish hues is considered a cool undertone.

These colors will contrast the color of your skin, making those colors pop against your skin tone. So next time you’re out and about shopping, make sure you pick up some choices with these colors. Check your closet too! You may have options with these colors sitting in your closet already.

Warm Undertones

Earth tones are perfect for people who have warm undertones. Colors that fall under Earth tones are brown, green, coral, yellow, and red. Just like the colors for the cool undertones, these warm undertones will complement your skin nicely as it’s a nice contrast to your skin tone.

A fantastic website that I found can help you find the perfect colors for your clothes and makeup, depending on your skin tone. Color Me Beautiful is a site where you can get different digital swatches for each season. This will help you find which colors work for you for the different seasons.

Neutral Undertones

People with neutral undertones can rock any color choice! Whether it’s the cool hues or the warmer hues, every color will compliment your skin perfectly. You have the widest variety of choices for your wardrobe, so you can have a fun time experimenting with different shades and see what you like the best.

You can get really creative with this and pair different colors together to create your new and approved wardrobe. Whatever you choose, the most important factor is that you feel confident in your clothes and ready to rock the day.

Up Your Look and Let the Confidence Shine

After learning how to find your undertone color and what colors work with them, you can shop with the utmost confidence. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is so important. That’s why having fun articles like this can help you build up that confidence. The more you learn and apply this information to your wardrobe, the better you’ll feel.

Knowing which colors work for you will have you being less impulsive while shopping. This also creates less waste since you aren’t buying clothes you aren’t going to wear.

Now that you have the clothes picked out, what about the makeup and jewelry? Check out our, “How Your Makeup and Jewelry Will Leave You Glowing” article to see what makeup and jewelry colors will work with your undertones.

Do you have any tips for finding the best colors for your skin tone? Let us know by tagging us @uylmagazine on social media.

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