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Try The Best Tips for Anti-Aging Here

There's nothing wrong with taking care of your skin and wanting to maintain that youthful appearance for a long time. If you need to switch up your routine then take a look at these 5 anti-aging tips we found to work the best.

Are you looking for a new way to get rid of wrinkles without buying numerous amounts of products? Or are you trying to prolong those wrinkles for as long as possible? Either way, I got the secret not-so-secret tips for you. Keep reading to learn about some anti-aging techniques and apps that you’ll want to start using right now.

Tibetan Rites

If you don’t have a solid exercise routine down or are just in the mood to try something new, then the Tibetan rites or known as the “fountain of youth” could be just the thing for you. It gets the “fountain of youth” name due to its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Tibetan rites stem back to ancient times as a yoga practice believed to be 2,500 years old! 

It’s a pretty simple and non-time-consuming form of exercise. It consists of 5 exercises with a repetition of 21 times a day. These exercises are believed to target the endocrine system, which regulates the body’s main functions like the aging process. 

Some other benefits associated are relief from joint pain, increased coordination and strength, better circulation, reduced anxiety, better sleep, more energy, and a youthful appearance. Now, who says old techniques aren’t relevant today? With all of those benefits, we should all be doing them!

Editor’s note: I’ve done Tibetan Rites for a while now. I fully recommend you all try it and feel the difference in your body. I feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

FaceYoga App

In this day and age, everything is made into an app now, and that includes anti-aging techniques. Yoga is such a popular form of exercise and relaxation with many different types of classes to complement it. Yoga isn’t just for the body however, yoga can be used for just your face too. Many people are turning to face yoga techniques to prevent wrinkles and other aging signs.

FaceYoga is an app that offers many exercises specifically for your face. The app even has a tracker so you can easily track your progress. It also has helpful tips for you to use throughout the day. The best part is that there’s no need for equipment or an internet connection, so you can use this app anywhere in the world.

Editor’s note: I’ve been using face yoga for 10 years now, and it really works! I was able to accentuate my jawline, and now my confidence shines through.

TroveSkin App

Have you tried every skincare product known to man and your skin is still giving you problems? It can be so frustrating to not know what to do at that point, but before you give up, let me tell you about an app that can help you get your skin under control and give you a youthful glow.

The TroveSkin app is great for people who have sensitive skin or are new to the vast world of skincare products. Just input your skincare products and the app will track expiration dates, ingredients, mood, diet, and stress levels. 

You can even track your progress by taking pictures of your skin through the app before you start using it and during it. What an easy and effective way to keep track of your products while seeing what ingredients work best for your skin. If you want to learn about some great skincare brands that are also cruelty-free and sustainable, then check out our, “Sustainable Skincare Products to Help the Planet” article.


So many people aren’t getting enough water in their daily lives, and it’s affecting them in different ways. Drinking enough water throughout the day will work to keep your skin glowing and looking youthful throughout the years. 

Men should be drinking about 15 cups of water a day and women should be drinking around 12. Be honest now, do you even come close to hitting that daily quota? If you actually do, then good for you! You are in the minority but keep up the good work. For the rest of us, however, we really need to start reaching that goal.

 Do it for the glowing skin you’ll have once you reach that goal. You’ll be looking youthful and radiant for a long time.


This may seem too simple to even be put in an article, but sometimes the simplest anti-aging solutions often get overlooked. Wearing sunglasses every time you go outside will help you keep your youthful appearance. Every time you go outside and have to squint your eyes, you’re causing wrinkles to form.

Sunglasses come in so many different shapes, styles, and colors, that you can have a pair for every occasion you can think of. If you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses, then check out our, “Top 4 Sunnies for You and the Planet” article to learn about some great sustainable and stylish sunglasses.

Got any Anti-Aging Tips up Your Sleeve?

Do you have any anti-aging techniques or apps that you use to prevent wrinkles? Share them with us by tagging us @uylmagazine on social media. We want to know what you guys are using. Do you use any of the techniques and apps talked about in this article? Tell us about your experience.

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