Monday, January 17, 2022

How Zoom Can be Your Go-to for Self-Care

In the digital age, technology is here to help us with just about everything. That's why when it comes to self-care, how could we not turn to it for help? Check out this article to see how zoom can be your go-to for self-care.

Ever since the pandemic hit, Zoom and other online spaces have become more popular. Whether it be for work purposes or personal use, I think we can all agree that Zoom has made life a bit easier.

One of the best things to come out of Zoom is the online classes you can take. If you want to exercise, there are classes on that, if you want to meditate, there are classes on that. 

The options are endless! Not only that, but it helps cut back on our pollution too. Read on to learn what Zoom classes you should try, and how you’re helping the environment by doing so!

Get Moving and Grooving

If you’re looking to exercise from the comfort of your home, but still enjoy the company of other people working out, then exercise classes on Zoom are perfect for you. Culpeper Sport and Fitness offer a variety of Zoom exercise classes, with a flexible schedule so you can fit it into your day. 

Meditation Time

Looking for a way to decompress after a stressful day? Do you need to take some time and reflect? Then you should check out some Zoom meditation classes. One great meditation class is done by Angel Wings. All events are free, so all you have to do is join their zoom sessions and feel the stress dissipate. 

Meditation has been studied and researched for years now, and its benefits are undeniable. Some research has found that consistent meditation can alter the cancer cells and help your body fight them off. To read more about meditation, check out our, “Is Meditation Something You Should Try?

Cook to Your Hearts Content

One of the activities that people have picked up on since the pandemic started was honing in on cooking/baking skills. If you feel like you missed out on that trend, or just starting to get into the habit of cooking, The Chopping Block offers Zoom classes.

Now you can learn how to perfect even the toughest of dishes through these easy and fun classes. You’ll blow everybody away with your newfound skills. They offer a bunch of different classes too, so you’ll definitely find ones you want to try.

Environmental Impact?

Did you know that one person emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year? Partaking in Zoom courses significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. 

There’s even a neat calculator that helps you find out how much emission comes from your Zoom call. A study also found that turning off your camera on zoom can reduce emissions by 96%. So, next time your boss tells you to turn your camera on, you can tell them that you’re helping the environment by having it off.

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