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Self-Love is Self-Care: How to Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's day is all about treating yourself. Self-love is self-care, so check out this article to read some of our favorite ways to treat ourselves.

Valentine’s Day is seen as a romantic day to spend with your partner or hope to have a special valentine that sends you roses. While those are good ways to spend the day, let’s not exclude the importance of self-love from the day that’s dedicated to love.

Too many people tend to neglect self-love and try to just obtain romantic love in someone else. However, self-love is just as if not more important. You deserve to love yourself and to treat yourself not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year. That’s why I wrote this article, to give you guys some tips and ideas on how to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

Woman relaxing in a tub

Spa Day

This one is a personal favorite, so I’m putting it at the top of the list. Based on the name, you may think you have to go find a place to be pampered by, but you don’t necessarily have to. You can have a perfect spa day from the comfort of your own place. 

From skincare to a nice hot bath/shower, to painting your nails, and everything in between. Did you know that one of the many benefits of taking a hot bath/shower is that it can lower blood sugar?  This day is about you, so everything you find relaxing that you may not normally have the time to do, make sure you do it here. 

Woman sitting at table with food

Food Time

Is there a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? How about a recipe that you’ve been wanting to make, but just haven’t had the time? This is the time to do it! Treat yourself to whatever you want. 

There’s nothing better than eating delicious food while relaxing at home. Add some nutritious and delicious vegetables to your meal, so you can reap the benefits. Want healthier hair, skin, and nails? Try these vegetables then.

If you want to indulge in some chocolate-covered fruit, go right ahead. Strawberries, cherries, and pomegranates are delicious and provide amazing benefits to you. It’s a win-win for your body and your self-love!

Woman writing in journal

Positive Affirmations

It’s time to stop waiting around for things to happen, and start making them happen for yourself. Through positive affirmations, you can manifest your goals into reality. All you have to do is be consistent and stick to it. 

You deserve to live the life you want to live and achieve success and happiness in all your ventures. You can try stating positive affirmations while meditating, journaling, or by looking at yourself in the mirror and saying them. The possibilities are endless.

Woman reading a book

T.V. Shows, Movies, Books, Oh My

Are there any t.v. shows, movies, or books you’ve been wanting to catch up on? Well, today is the day for it. You can have a watching or reading marathon all day while you eat delicious food and take a hot bath. Set everything else aside and let your mind escape to your movie or book world.

Especially when it comes to reading, it’s a great way to disconnect yourself from the world of social media, and not have to obsess or worry about everything that’s going on in the world. Although it’s good to stay up-to-date on the news, it’s also beneficial to switch off and relax. Forget about reality for a bit and enjoy your book or t.v. show. 

Woman writing a letter

Write a Letter to Yourself

This may or may not be corny, but it’s a great idea regardless. Write yourself a letter and set the open date for a year or so. Write down where you are at now and where you would like to be mentally, physically, and emotionally a year from now. You may surprise yourself to see how much you’ve been able to grow and accomplish within that timeframe. 

Even if you haven’t achieved everything in the letter, don’t be discouraged. Everybody moves at their own pace, and that means you also still have material for your next letter.

Woman typing on laptop

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