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Check Out These Runway Trending Spring Shoes

Learn all about the latest trends in spring shoes, and how you can get these looks for yourself.

We’ve talked about what clothes are on trend for spring 2022, but let’s talk about the shoes. There are many different and unique shoes to choose from. For this spring, it’s all about uniqueness and letting it shine through your shoes. So let’s take a look at which shoes are trending to see which ones you want to participate in.

unique heels for trending spring shoes

Unique Heels

This trend was very prominent on the runway. A heel in the shape of a bottle of nail polish was worn. This has become a hot trend lately. A lot of heels and heeled boots are adopting a uniquely shaped/styled heel. 

Not to worry though, if you don’t want to have a nail polish bottle on your heel, there are plenty of other unique heels you can go for. I’ve seen heels with a clunky curvy heel before. They’re pretty eye-catching.

ballet flats for trending spring shoes

Ballet Flats

Whether you’re a trained dancer or not, you can still rock the ballet flats this spring. These simple but elegant shoes are most likely found at all of your favorite stores as it’s a timeless and classic shoe. If you want to feel extra elegant, you can opt for the ones with tie-up laces. Ballet flats can be paired with any outfit, whether it be with a skirt or leggings.

Ballet flats come in a wide variety of colors and prints, so you can find a pair that fits your aesthetic the best. Whether you go for neon colors or a polka dot print, as long as these shoes bring confidence to yourself, then that’s all that matters. Now go rock those ballet flats.

chain boots for trending spring shoes


Chains on heels, boots, and sandals are on trend this spring, and I’m quite the fan. Having a chain on a pair of ankle boots can be just the finishing touch to complete your outfit for the day. They can be bold without being too wild or can be enough to bring your casual outfit to a fun party look.

If you’re looking to get a pair of chain boots for yourself, you can check out Poshmark’s selection. The best part? You’re helping keep fashion more circular when you buy from companies like Poshmark.

orange spring shoes


Orange is the new trend for this spring. This color was seen many times on the runway on different footwear. It doesn’t have to be the entire color of the shoe either, just a little splash of orange is enough to keep you looking trendy as ever before. Not every shade of orange will be compatible with your skin tone, for help on how to determine the right shades for you, check out our, “Skin Tone: Find Your Perfect Colors” article for more info.

Colorful shoes have always made their way to be trendy, the main aspect that changes is which color takes the trending spot. Even if orange isn’t your color, just wait until next season to see which color takes the place of orange.

fuzzy spring shoes


Textures are back in action. Fuzzy heels took center stage on the runway and maybe center stage in your closet too. These are definitely a fun type of shoes to have in your collection. Having a textured shoe can be just what your outfit needs to give it a little bit of flair and fun to your look.

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