Monday, September 25, 2023

Flowers That Bring Out Your Beauty

Aren't flowers so beautiful? Since spring is here, let's take a look at some of the benefits that spring flowers have to offer.

The flowers are blooming this spring, and it’s time to bring some into your home. Before we’ve talked about some plants that you can add to your home for better health, but now let’s talk about what spring flowers you should add to your home. Not only will these flowers brighten your home, but they’ll put a smile on your face and bring you some extra benefits.

Irises spring flower


Aromatherapy, skincare, and other medicinal purposes benefit from using irises. Using these flowers in a cleanser will help with oily skin and hair. Additionally, since these flowers are also high in isoflavone, it makes the perfect addition to your anti-aging routine.

Carnation spring flowers


Carnations are beautiful flowers that are as helpful as they are pretty. Known to reduce inflammation and swelling as well as calm the nervous system if you have it in tea. Similarly, motion sickness is another thing carnation tea helps. Due to this, carnations are used as a tonic to fight fevers and stomach aches. 

Lily spring flower


The lily flower is good for the heart as it can reduce blood pressure. It also reduces the irritability of the muscular tissue of the heart. To prevent scar tissue from forming, the roots of the lily are used. Furthermore, drinking lily tea can also help reduce wrinkles and keep the skin firm. Having this tea while running a fever can also reduce your body temperature to help lower your fever. 


Next up on the list are pansies. Used as decoration in restaurants, pansies are edible. Panies have anti-inflammatory properties and can boost your circulation. Pansy infusions are used to treat skin conditions like eczema. Skincare companies like to use pansies as it’s great for sensitive and acne-prone skin.


The flower may not be as recognizable as the other flowers on the list, but it sure does deserve to be on the list. Calendulas are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which makes them a great ingredient for your skincare products. This flower can help fight infection. Apply the tea to your skin to help in the healing process.

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There are also plenty of plant identification apps such as PlantNet to help make sure you have the right flowers. If you’re looking to buy some floral tea, places like Teasenz, Teabloom, and Floral Teas.

Just like with everything else, be sure to talk to the professionals to see if using these flowers is right for you. Some vitamins/medications may impact how these flowers interact with your body if digested. Always keep your well-being the number one priority and see if you can benefit from these lovely spring flowers.

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