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Spring Cleaning: Relieve the Stress of Cleaning Your Closet

Spring cleaning comes in all sorts of ways, whether it be cleaning the whole house, your car, or your closet. This may not be everyone’s favorite time, but it is a great feeling to see and enjoy the finished result. When it comes to cleaning out your closet, follow these tips to make this a less hectic experience.

Woman spring cleaning her closet

The One Year Rule

The first tip on this list is a pretty popular one. Known as the one-year rule, if there’s something in your closet that you’ve been holding on to, but it hasn’t seen the light of day in a year or longer, it’s time to donate it. 

A lot of us hold onto certain cute pieces because we convince ourselves that the “what ifs” may come true. Whether it be your dream vacation, running into your favorite celebrity, or attending a grand ball, if that piece of clothing has been collecting dust in the back of your closet, it’s safe to say you will not be finding a use for it any time soon. 

Reverse the Hook Method

You can also try the reverse hanger method. This involves turning the hook of your hangers around, so the back of your clothes faces you. Then every time you wear something, turn it towards you. By the following year, check to see what clothes are still facing backward. Those are the clothes you won’t wear.

What’s Next for the Clothes You’re Getting Rid of?

There can be some exceptions to this rule, such as if the clothing has sentimental value to you, but otherwise, it’s best to donate it so someone else can find use of it. Donating or selling these pieces through sites like Poshmark is a great way to give a second life to your clothes. Your spring cleaning can help others this way. This also keeps them out of the landfills for a bit longer. Check out our article on what the best consignment stores are for you to sell your items on.

By Season Approach

If you’re short on space and have nowhere to store your out-of-season clothes, this is a great tip for you. Take out your clothes and sort them by season. Then, when you’re ready to put them back in your closet, make sure this season’s clothes are in the front. Then the rest goes in order, summer, fall, winter, etc. If you have room to spare, then try having different bins for each season with clear labels.

The Marie Kondo Way

Organizing your clothes this way saves you the hassle of having to scramble through your closet trying to look for the right clothes to wear. Having your spring attire right in the front makes it easier and faster to see what you have. The number one go-to person you should learn from for organizing/cleaning is Marie Kondo. You definitely need to watch her Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

Another important tip is for your winter shoes and boots. Before storing them away, make sure you clean the soles of your shoes. Doing so prevents the salt from eating away and destroying your shoes.

Need Space?

Spring cleaning is about the organization. There are many organizational tools for your closet to make it easier to see what you have. Canvas bags are always the best choice, as they can be eco-friendly and prevents your clothes from turning yellow as some other storage containers do. Another great organizational tool I recommend is bra organizers. They’re clear containers, like the ones you may see at Victoria’s Secret, but they work wonders for in-home too!

Keep Your Bras in Shape for Longer

No more stuffing your bras in the drawer, time to welcome in the organization. Your bras will maintain their shape for longer since they aren’t crushed by other clothes.  

If you don’t have floor or shelf space, not to worry. There are specific bra hangers that work just as well. You’ll look like a pro organizer once these are added to your closet. 

Woman spring cleaning her closet

Add What’s Needed

After you’re done sorting through your donation, throw out, and keep pile, see what’s missing from your keep pile. Were your favorite sneakers in the throw-out pile because of how worn and torn they are? Then it’s time to get yourself a new pair. To keep yourself organized, we suggest making yourself a Pinterest board. This is a great way to keep yourself from impulse buying.

The Necessaties

Now, don’t get too carried away. This is for necessities only. You don’t want to already re-fill your closet up, but it is important to replace the items that were too worn to keep. It’s clear that those items are in constant use, so it’s good to replace those. Check out this article for some tips on how to have a stress-free shopping experience. Before you go shopping, ask yourself these 5 questions.

Woman spring cleaning her closet

If there are certain winter/fall clothing that you like wearing in the spring, especially on chilly nights, then by all means keep them front and center with the rest of your spring clothes. There’s nothing wrong with reusing your favorite items, regardless of the season. In fact, we highly encourage it.

Items to Reuse

It could be a cardigan, heavy jacket, or sweater. Whatever it may be, as long as it’s getting used, then you’re doing a great job of following one of the many Up Your Look mantras. Reusing/repurposing your items keeps them out of landfills longer, and that’s a great thing.

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