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Sustainable Oscars for a Sustainable Future

The 2022 Oscars will be talked about for a while, from the drama to the winners and snubs. Although, we're going to be talking about the celebrities who wore gorgeous sustainable outfits.

The Oscars came and went and so did the intricate outfits and the drama. While everybody is talking about the Will Smith and Chris Rock drama, we want to focus on something else. That something is sustainability. We covered this topic when the Met Gala happened and highlighted some of the more sustainable outfits featured that night. We still can’t get over Billie Eilish and Addison Rae’s looks. 

For events as big and prestigious as the Oscars, it’s important that the celebrities and the workers play a part in trying to minimize the negative environmental impact the event may have. One way to make that happen is through using sustainable outfits.

Rock the Red Carpet in a Green Dress

Maggie Biard is an actress and Billie Eilish’s mother. She is also the 2022 ambassador for the Red Carpet Green Dress (RCGD). This woman-led organization founded by Suzy Amis Cameron is about bringing global and social sustainability to the forefront of our conversations and taking appropriate action in the apparel and design industry. Now that’s no easy task, so how is it that they’re able to do this, and how does it tie in with the Oscars?

How Celebrities and the RCGD Can Make a Difference for Sustainability

The RCGD gets in contact with the celebrities attending the Oscars and collaborates to make sustainable outfits for the big event. Being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to give up your luxury look. If celebrities can rock sustainable outfits to prestigious events and still look like a million bucks, so can we.

Maggie Baird

Maggie Baird rocked a navy blue dress by designer Matea Benedetti. Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, Benedetti designed this dress in partnership with the eco-friendly brand TENCEL. Additionally, every part of this gown has sustainable plant-based materials as well as TENCEL filament yarn. 

What is TENCEL?

This yarn is made from sustainably sourced wood. Then through sustainable resources, it’s turned into yarn to use for clothes. On their Sustainable Fibers Story page, they have a poster for viewing that shows you the whole cycle of making this yarn. Albeit, it’s pretty amazing to see how through sustainable methods, people can transform wood into yarn. I recommend checking it out.

Kaitlyn Dever

Oscar-winner Kaitlyn Dever is another RCGD ambassador who rocked the Oscars in a beautiful red gown. Owned by Prada, Miu Miu designed this dress. They are making strides to do better in the sustainability department. Through Miu Miu’s upcycled collection to Prada’s Sea Beyond program.

Sea Beyond’s Mission

 In 2021, Prada promoted Sea Beyond in partnership with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC). In essence, this educational program is to promote sustainability and ocean preservation. Since its inception in 2019, Sea Beyond has trained 300 international secondary school students. 

Then in 2021, was linked to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. You can learn more about what being linked to the UN Decade of Ocean Science means for our future and the goals they want to hit by 2030.

Lakeith Stanfield

The Oscar-nominated actor kept sustainability in mind while he walked the red carpet in a sustainable Zegna tuxedo. Through Zegna’s #UseTheExisting, the brand uses recovered and recycled materials in its products. Their vision is to make the dream of zero waste become reality. 

Zegna and Sustainability

Zegna’s belief in sustainability started with the founder, Ermenegildo Zegna planted over 500,000 trees around his wool mill in the 1930s in Northern Italy. Osai Zegna is the name of this nature preserve. To this day, the company continues to enrich the forest through a diverse ecosystem of plants. This preserve is 30 times bigger than Central Park, NY. It’s now a free preservation park that everybody can enjoy. 

Know Your Brands

Learning the history behind brands of the clothes we wear is fascinating and serves as a good indicator of whether or not a brand is using its power for good. It also reminds us that when we take from the environment or use its resources, we should do our best to make up for that loss in a beneficial way.

Billie Eilish

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Billie Eilish rocked a sustainable dress to the Oscars. The singer and Oscar-winner wore a black ruffled Gucci gown. This gown was sourced by RCGD so that Billie could rock this gothic gown while still being sustainable.

Billie Eilish and Sustainability

Billie Eilish is no stranger to doing her part when it comes to making the world more sustainable. If you want to read more about what the singer has done for sustainability, check out our, “Billie Eilish and the Push for Sustainability” article for more information.

Gucci and Sustainability

For its products, Gucci uses recycled, organic, bio-based, sustainably sourced materials as well as the use of ECONYL. Gucci uses these materials for their Off the Grid Circular Line. It’s nice to see the steps towards sustainability from a big and renowned brand like Gucci.

That sounds pretty Gucci to me. 

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