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What You Need in Your Spring Capsule

Get ready for the spring by putting together your spring capsule! Not sure where to start? Read more for our awesome tips.

Springtime means colorful clothing and venturing outdoors to spend some time in the sun. Since spring is here, it also means it’s time to put your spring capsule wardrobe together. You can use this as part of your spring cleaning process to see which items you will wear, and which ones you can part with. 

However, if you’re not sure where, to begin with, your spring capsule, then you’re in the right place. Read on to see what the best tips are for putting together your spring capsule. 

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Let’s start with the basics before getting into how you can put together your spring capsule. A capsule has coined during the 1940s and is used to describe a small collection of outfits that are made to be worn together and mix-matched to make new outfits without having to buy new pieces every time.

The Purpose of a Capsule Wardrobe

Especially in this day and age, there are more options to choose from that can be overwhelming and lead to impulsive habits. The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to get rid of that overwhelming feeling. It does this by simplifying certain pieces that are already in your wardrobe that you can continuously use and make new outfits out of. This keeps you from impulse buying new clothes that you don’t need or are going to ever wear. Now let’s get into what a capsule wardrobe entails.

The Classics

For any capsule wardrobe, having your classic pieces is a great place to start. Your classic pieces can be anything from jeans, a scarf, or your favorite black tank top. These are the pieces that you can use over and over again to make new and exciting outfits. 

Example Classic Pieces

Your black tank top can be paired with a flowy skirt or it can go over one of your dresses. That grey scarf you have? You can use it as a shole, or you can tie it around your waist with your shorts or skirt. The possibilities are endless. 

Color me, Happy

Springtime screams pastel colors. Neutral and pastel colors are perfect pieces to have in your spring capsule. They are sure to go with just about every outfit and the occasion you can think of. If you have a favorite color that you like to wear regularly, add it to the mix too. 

Learn How to Find Your Perfect Colors

If you’re struggling to find which colors work the best for your skin tone, check out our, “Skin Tone: Find Your Perfect Colors” article to learn more about finding the best colors for you. That way, you can feel as confident as ever before.

Layer up the Season

Depending on where you live, springtime can still be quite chilly for some, especially at night. That’s why for your spring capsule, you should think about how you can layer your outfits. That way you stay warm throughout the season. 

Long sleeves and Cardigans are the go-to

Take your favorite long sleeve shirt and wear it over/under your dress. Do you have a vest from the fall/winter that you don’t want to put away yet? Keep it in your spring capsule and layer it with a long sleeve shirt and some capris. If you want some tips on how to layer, check out our, “Spring Cleaning: Relieve the Stress of Cleaning Your Closet” article.

Make a Statement

Statement pieces are where you can really let your personality shine through. It can be anything from cheetah print heels to a chunky necklace. This is the piece of your wardrobe where everyone can get a glimpse of your personality. You can have fun with this item, and branch out. 

Have Your Confidence Glow

As long as you feel good in your choices, then that’s all that matters. If you want to read on how to incorporate your statement pieces with your makeup, check out our, “How Your Makeup and Jewelry Will Leave You Glowing” for more information and tips. 

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