Monday, September 25, 2023

Dance Your Way into Sustainable Dancewear

Dance is about beauty and telling a story. What about the story of how unsustainable the dancewear is?

Dance is a beautiful way of expressing ourselves without having to say a word. It’s a powerful feeling to be able to convey a message that stays with the audience throughout and even after the performance. Since dance is a great form of expression, let’s express our worries about the unsustainable side of dance: dancewear.

As a dancer, I know firsthand how unsustainable it is when it comes to costumes and workout clothes for just going to the studio. I’ve gone through so many pairs of tights that I could probably wrap the Earth in them. We’ve previously done an article talking about the unsustainable reality of pointe shoes, but not about the outfits.

So, what can we do? Whether you’re a dancer or know a dancer, or even if you workout or know the struggle of going through numerous pairs of tights, then let’s look to the answers.

Putting the Cost in Costumes

There’s an estimated 250,000 tons of tights/hosiery waste being thrown into the landfills according to Daniel Clayton, owner of a sustainable tights business.

That’s a lot of waste for just a few moments on stage. It’s unfortunate how easy it is to rip your tights. Some barely last through one 3 minute dance, let alone a whole performance. 

The Problem With Nylon

Leotards produce a lot of waste that we can’t ignore. Nylon is the go-to material for leotards. However, nylon stays in landfills for 30-40 years as it’s not a biodegradable material. 

However, since nylon is form-fitting and stretchy, it’s understandable that it’s a very prominent fabric for dancers. We need a material that’ll allow our bodies to move in various ways without ripping or hindering flexibility. 

Perform With Sustainable Options

Luckily there are great sustainable dancewear businesses that are popping up and leading the way to make dance more sustainable. From skirts, leotards, bras, and leggings, Dansez has you covered. They even have a wide range of options for the younger dancers too.

Made out of nylon waste and fishing nets, they use ECONYL, a regenerated fiber. Through their partnership with Healthy Seas Initiative, they’re able to keep our oceans and marine life healthy while helping dancers feel confident in their dancewear. 

Eco-Friendly Tights

For eco-friendly tights, take a look at The Legwear Company. They offer a recycling program, so once you’re done with your tights, you can send them back to the company and reuse the materials. It doesn’t even have to just be tights you by from them! They will accept any tights you want to recycle.

Using their unique fabric, Sheertex offers tights that are made to last even the most difficult performances. These tights are also water-resistant, cooling, and quick drying. You never have to worry about your sweat ruining your look while wearing these tights. 

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