Monday, September 25, 2023

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The Message Behind the Brand.

Up Your look, @UYLMagazine, isn’t just a typical fashion magazine. UYL cares about real world problems that are affecting our bodies and our planet. That’s why we fully believe in promoting sustainable and ethically made products ranging from clothes to makeup products and everything in between. Throughout this magazine, readers will learn about a wide range of topics and what they can do to help these causes, as well as fun pieces like the latest trends you don’t want to miss out on. While you’re at it, look up the brands featured in this magazine and treat yourself to something nice all while supporting ethically made products. Subscribe today on our website at upyourlook.com or send us your email on chat and we will add you! We look forward to having you join the discussion.

Our Promise to Our Readers:

Up Your Look is free to our readers because of our advertisers. Start by subscribing to our monthly editions or providing feedback. We provide a safe space for our readers to learn facts about the food and fashion industry.

Our Promise to our Advertisers:

Up Your Look will focus on sustainable fashion and ethical beauty with an accent on sustainable organic foods. Our readers will always know that their ethical news is a result of our advertisers. We consider you a partner in the cause that our readers stay loyal, which creates a loyalty with our audience as well.